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Research and Education Programs for the Modern Agribusiness

Our program conducts research in the area of agricultural finance and management in an effort to provide useful information to agribusinesses, lenders, and farmers. These projects drive an education program that is focused on providing business people and students with the information and knowledge that they need to succeed in the modern agricultural system.

For the latest information on projects recently completed and some underway please check the current projects area. There you will find the results of recent research efforts. You can also discover what leading agricultural finance scholars are working on by browsing the Agricultural Finance Review.

I have recently added a page that provides information and resources about the current financial situation in the dairy industry.

You can also check out the new AEM Extension and Outreach Podcast Series.

Highlighted Programs

Financial Institutions
Anaerobic Digestion and Bioenergy
Structural Change in the Dairy Industry
Farm Savings Accounts
Tax Schools
Crop Insurance


Agricultural Finance Review
Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Cornell University Cooperative Enterprise Program
New York State Department of Agriculture and Market
Dairy Farm Business Summary